Miele ‘Perfection Series’

Miele have released a collection of short films called ‘Miele Perfection Series’ helping to inform and inspire you, whether it’s for restaurant recreations or further your cooking knowledge. Their brilliant executive chefs, Sven-Hanson Britt and Douglas McMaster along with Martin Major have created one-off recipes with carefully sourced produce and Mieles’ high performing appliances.

Sven has always spoke highly of using seasonal produce, who is currently renovating his restaurant at Hardley Hill Farm. He is a firm believer that the source of food is essential to achieving extraordinary taste. An expert in seasonal ingredients and hand rearing livestock, Sven shows in the ‘Perfection Series’ that the secret to achieving well-cooked tender meat with flavoursome vegetables is all down to the precision that the Gourmet Sous Chef Warming Drawer and Steam Combination Ovens provide. The Ovens provide a precise temperature control to within one degree, and with levels of humidity constantly sustained, the ovens guarantee that there is no loss of flavour, texture or freshness while cooking.

Reducing waste is a hot topic at the moment and head chef and owner of SILO in Brighton and CUB in London Douglas McMaster is an advocate for this and has established a specialised approach to food that results in innovative, flavourful dishes that produce no waste, that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. His appliance of choice in the ‘Perfection Series’ is the Mieles’ induction hob, providing quick heat up time and accurate temperature controls and even distribution of heat all of this allows Douglas to accomplish amazing results which he desires.

Martin Major trained in classic French cuisine and has a penchant for British seafood. He believes that when it comes to preparing food, having appliances which you can control and trust to be at the correct temperature is key. The ‘Perfection Series’ helps to demonstrate this when he creates a superb Bass Bouillabaisse. By using both the induction hob and the oven it allowed him to cook it perfectly accompanied with a sauce bursting with flavour.

Click to watch Douglas McMaster’s film here

Click to watch Martin Major’s film here


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