We have been revitalising the kitchen at the back of our showroom and wanted to share some of the tips and tricks that we have used and a few ideas that we’ have come up with as the project’s been developing.
The kitchen was one of our original displays and we designed and fitted it into the Carlisle showroom back in October 2005. It has a lovely two oven Aga in a pewter colour and the floor is tiled in chinese multi colour slate. The work tops are Emerald black granite although the island worktop is maple, all of which we wanted to keep.
At the time of fitting, to fully install a similar kitchen into your home it would have cost about £30,000.00 but, from our recent experience, it would have been a brilliant investment.
Rather than replace the showroom kitchen, we have taken advantage of that original quality, kept the Aga, tiled splashbacks and cabinets in place but given it a refresh to create what looks like a new kitchen.

Preparation is key
First we removed all the doors, drawer fronts, skirtings and other frontages.
We removed the handles and then sanded the doors to create a rougher surface that the paint can key into. We used a block sander so that we didn’t go too deep or damage the surface too much but you could use an electrical one if you prefer, an orbital finishing sander would be ideal.
All the door hinges, joints, drawer runners and other mechanisms should be checked at this stage and, if necessary, replaced. If the original kitchen had been an old kitchen, this would be the time to fit the door closures with soft close feature as these can be added.
At this stage, everything looked a bit bare and wrecked but it was uphill from now on.

Painting and colour
We had already decided to go for a more updated painted kitchen to replace the original distressed bleached waxed finish and we used Little Greene Paint Company paint. It is worth paying a bit more for something that is designed for the job and designed for use in a kitchen too.
For our larder, we filled most of the distressed holes on the outside and then sanded them smooth. We then painted in Grey Moss 234 and the kitchen furniture we painted in True Taupe 240 for a cabinet colour contrast. We found that the various doors and drawer fronts needed 2 coats for good coverage.
Finding somewhere to dry everything with no dust or debris about was a challenge, even in our showroom and workshop but it’s worth being careful at this stage as the paint will usually take a good 24 hours at least to dry completely.

Refreshing the style
Changing the colour of the kitchen and freshening it all up with a coat of paint made a huge difference but other small changes have also made a big impact.
The wide range of handles available for the kitchen can make a room look traditional or contemporary, smart or more relaxed.
We finally chose a beautiful solid brass handle in a polished nickle finish from Armac Martin as it had a much warmer tone that completemented both the Aga tops and the door hinges. Armac Martin is a wonderful small company based in Duddeston, Birmingham. We needed 39 in all for the showroom kitchen. We were really pleased with the resulting colour and handle combination.

Updates and accessories
The final touches have now been made to our “new” kitchen.
The glass-fronted cabinets contain accessories and kilner jars, sourced from our neighbours at the Cookware company, Victoria Viaduct, and we’ve introduced a highlight colour, a Grey Moss in the wine rack and the tall larder to break things up and add some tonal interest.
We are really pleased with the resulting display kitchen but we would never have attempted it without being sure of the original quality and of course, workmanship. When we get it so right for a customer, it is a big investment but one that is well worth making.
If your current kitchen has suffered too much and needs a complete replacement, we would love to talk to you. But, if you are already enjoying one of our quality kitchens, we hope that it will remain with you, albiet refreshed and looking different as and when you want it!

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